Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Shower Pill - The Athletic Body Wipe

How many times have you been out on the golf course all day, before you realize you have to be at dinner, in a meeting or at that family function you're being dragged into?

Then your brain switches to, "Oh no, I've been sweating all day out here and have no time to hit the showers."

We've all been through it one time or another. Showing up to that party or dinner with the in-laws, looking [and smelling] like we just came from gym class back in high school.

Well, there is a new product on the market now that caters to this very situation, Shower Pill.

Shower Pill is not Just a Body Wipe. It's a super premium, extra large, thick, won’t bunch up in your hands, Vitamin E and Aloe Vera infused, no sticky residue leavin’, paraben & alcohol free, won’t dry out on you, use on your hands, face, arms, legs,back…or “you know what” ShowerPill Athletic Body Wipe.

We put the Shower Pill Athletic Wipes in our Senior Writer Eddie Garrison's golf bag to see how it would stack up after a full day of golf, both on the range and 18 holes of play -- Here's what he had to say about them.

"It was the holiday time and I was trying to squeeze in as much golf as I could before having to make family functions that others had planned throughout the season."

"After an early practice session on the range, I headed out to play 18 holes, thinking I would have more than enough time to get back home to catch a quick shower to freshen up."

"Of course, that didn't happen that day. Finishing up my round, I noticed I only had about 20 minutes to get everything packed up, into the car and make the dinner I HAD to be at with my family."

"Reached into my golf bag and grabbed the Shower Pill pack and did an 'on-the-go' freshen up before I got to the restaurant. Stepped in; on time I might add, and no one was none-the-wiser."

"No sweaty oders, no after golf smells, nothing. I was as fresh as I could be and that kept the peace during the holiday season."

Shower Pills can easily fit in your golf bag, back pack or gym bag so there is never any excuse to smell like you just stepped off the course and into that meeting or dinner -- Even though you just did.

Not 'just' for golfers or athletes. Shower Pill is for busy people who juggle multiple tasks that require skill, endurance, strength, speed and perfection. Just like you.

No time for that quick shower before your next appointment?

Then Shower Pill is the on-the-go freshen up you are looking for.

What will your Shower Pill moment be?

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