Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Adams Tight Lies

Nearly 20 years ago now, Adams released what at the time was a revolutionary club in the fairway woods market in the original Adams Tight Lies. The release of their original club vaulted Adams to a household name among club manufacturers in the golfing community.

The original club had a different look than most conventional fairway woods of that time. As it featured an almost 'upside down' look on the design of the club head itself. In essence, this design was to have the weight of the club in a lower center of gravity position.

Increasing the playability of awkward lies and providing golfers of any skill set, the ability to get the ball airborne quicker.

Adams has now; some 20 years later, released a newer version of the now famous Tight Lies club.

The newest design of this fairway wood has a 25-percent smaller club face than the majority of fairway woods on the market today. Giving golfers the ability to use this club from any lie they may encounter on the course.

The first thing players notice right off the bat with the new Tight Lies fairway wood, is the Velocity Slot that is designed on both the crown and sole of the club. Adams contests that this velocity slot will provide more clubface flexibility, giving the face nearly twice the 'springy' feel as it's predecessor.

Testing this club, we found that the new Tight Lies club performed excellent from light and thick rough lies. Making up for the distance the club gives up against most of today's fairway woods.

Though the distance of this club could be contributed to it's 16-degree loft in the model we tested. The forgiveness of off-center strikes, especially from awkward lies, makes up for the lack of distance to get you back in the game on a hole.

Pros: This club can be hit and hit well from any lie on the course. Off the tee, out of the rough, from a fairway bunker, etc. Forgiving on off-center strikes from any lie.

Cons: The velocity slots may not fit everyone's eye. Distance could be an issue for some. Can have a dead sound at impact at times.

Overall: A great new design for a famous club that once changed the outlook of fairway woods. It's a great compromise between a hybrid and today's three woods. A very easy to hit club from any lie on the golf course.

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