Friday, September 20, 2013

Maxfli U6 Ball

Maxfli has long been a prominent presence in the world of golf for 90 years. Many of the top professionals in the world have played Maxfli balls with outstanding success.

They have been widely recognized as a premium golf brand through the entire golfing industry. From the Saturday afternoon scramble players, all the way up to the PGA Tour. The Maxfli brand has been entrusted to deliver performance through advanced engineering and technological advancements to the true golf enthusiast.

Recently I was able to get my hands on the newest addition to their U-Series balls, the U6.

Maxfli describes the new U6 as, "The new U/6 is the most technologically advanced golf ball ever made by Maxfli. The 6-piece construction is engineered to lower scores through providing the optimized combination of spin, launch and forgiveness to provide more control, straighter flight and longer distance. A super low compression core, 4 mantle layers and tour-proven urethane cover combine to make the new Maxfli U/6 the ball for lower scores."

The U6 is designed with 6-layers featuring a low compression core, four progressively dense mantle layers, and a soft urethane cover.

Having already been playing the U4x ball from Maxfli, I thought what better way to test the new U6 ball, then to have myself a best ball tournament with myself. I would hit each shot with both balls, to compare how the balls differ in a variety of situations on the golf course.

My first finding was that the U6 is definitely longer and straighter than the U4x off the tee. The reduced side spin of the new U6 ball, allows the ball to stay in the air longer, while reducing the amount of movement on both draws and fades.

As with the U4x balls, the U6 did not disappoint around the greens with a nice soft feel, without jeopardizing any spin I needed to stop the ball close to the hole. I did feel initially that the reduced spin off the tee could carry over to the short game situations. This was not the case. I was able to spin the ball for control, as well as release the ball for good roll out when necessary without sacrificing feel.

Overall, the new U6 is now the ball in my bag. I loved the overall performance of the older U4x, though the U6 ball gives a player the best control and distance off the tee. As well as the feel and spin control ability around the greens.

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