Tuesday, October 22, 2013

3 Up Golf 3F12 Ball

3 Up Golf is not your prototypical golf ball company in the broad spectrum that is the golfing world. While the bottom line is a huge part of doing business in any spectrum, President of 3Up Golf Rob Zimmerman has used his personal health experience to create a simple guide to making golf balls for fun and profit.

Create a product that he'd be proud to put his name on -- Charge a reasonable pricePay 3 Up's bills from step two -- Give the rest back to charity -- Create an even better product and repeat!

Zimmerman and 3 Up Golf have pledged that for every dozen balls sold, $3.00 will be going directly to a charity. Every time 3 Up reaches the 333rd dozen balls sold, he will write a check for $1,000 to the current charity on their radar.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Taylormade Ghost Tour Putters

Taylormade has recently been known for making drivers more than they have putters. With their new Ghost Tour Series putters, they have developed a great looking putter, combined with a good feel and sound that will have players rolling putts with confidence.

The Taylormade ads for their new putters call them "Provocative", "Seductively Designed" having a "Sexy Mirror Black Io-Plated Sole". Their words, not ours.

Pure roll face inserts made of 80-percent Surlyn and 20-percent aluminum, give the Ghost Series putters a softer feel than previous Taylormade putters that featured their Titanium inserts. Though not as soft of a feel as with their 100-percent Surlyn inserts found in other series putters. Which tends to feel that you are not striking the ball squarely or as hard as you might actually be hitting the ball.

The Ghost Series offers a variety of options when it comes to head styles and toe hangs. All of which retail for $149.99.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Taylormade SLDR Driver

In recent years, Taylormade has made great strides in updating the driver for golfers of all skill sets. From the touring pro, to John Q. Golfer down at their local muni's on Saturdays. Their drivers have become the 'go-to' for many golfers.

The adjustability of today's drivers are one of golf's most important breakthroughs in terms of technology. Allowing any golfer the ability to adjust a club to their swing has given new life to many golfer's game.

The ability to adjust the driver's face angle, loft and even perimeter weighting has changed the landscape of drivers forever.

Adams Tight Lies

Nearly 20 years ago now, Adams released what at the time was a revolutionary club in the fairway woods market in the original Adams Tight Lies. The release of their original club vaulted Adams to a household name among club manufacturers in the golfing community.

The original club had a different look than most conventional fairway woods of that time. As it featured an almost 'upside down' look on the design of the club head itself. In essence, this design was to have the weight of the club in a lower center of gravity position.

Increasing the playability of awkward lies and providing golfers of any skill set, the ability to get the ball airborne quicker.