Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Taylormade Ghost Tour Putters

Taylormade has recently been known for making drivers more than they have putters. With their new Ghost Tour Series putters, they have developed a great looking putter, combined with a good feel and sound that will have players rolling putts with confidence.

The Taylormade ads for their new putters call them "Provocative", "Seductively Designed" having a "Sexy Mirror Black Io-Plated Sole". Their words, not ours.

Pure roll face inserts made of 80-percent Surlyn and 20-percent aluminum, give the Ghost Series putters a softer feel than previous Taylormade putters that featured their Titanium inserts. Though not as soft of a feel as with their 100-percent Surlyn inserts found in other series putters. Which tends to feel that you are not striking the ball squarely or as hard as you might actually be hitting the ball.

The Ghost Series offers a variety of options when it comes to head styles and toe hangs. All of which retail for $149.99.

  • Daytona 12 - Blade, 40-degree toe hang, L-neck hosel
  • Daytona 62 - Blade, 57-degree toe hang, short curve hosel
  • Maranello 81 - Small mallet, 65-degree toe hang, long curve hosel
  • Fontana 72 - Mallet, 0-degree to hang, shaft in hosel
  • Sebring 62 - Blade, 65-degree toe hang, short curve hosel
  • Monte Carlo 12 - Mallet, 25-degree toe hang, L-neck hosel

The softer feel of the grooves in the 'Pure Roll' face do an excellent job of starting the ball on it's intended line, producing a nice smooth roll off of the putter's face. Giving the ball good forward spin that all golfers are looking for to keep their putts smooth and on line.

Alignment of your putts should be no issue at all. The black contrast of the cavity back against the white paint of the putter allows you to use the dominant alignment line, combined with smaller alignment lines running with the dominant line, creating an easy aim point in relationship from the putter to the ball.

One knock we have found (and others apparently) is the white paint Taylormade uses for the main putter head chips very easily. If you do not keep the putter in it's head over at all times while not putting. The paint will chip away sooner rather than later.

Pros: The new insert with less Surlyn produces a great feel and true roll on putts. Six different styles to choose from gives a player more options geared to their style of putter.

Cons: The white paint chips off too easily. For those that like the look as much as the play. This club will need extra special care to stay "like new".

Overall: The new Taylormade Ghost Series putters offer a great feel and look for a cheaper price than most premium putters on the market. Multiple styles allow you to choose one that fits the golfers style of putting. Produces a true consistent roll off the face of the putter with an easy, contrasting alignment line system.

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